Why You Shouldn’t Try To Restore Your Driveway Clunker

Life can get in the way of even the most well-intentioned projects. Many people have old vehicles sitting in their driveway that they intend to repair eventually. Maybe it was a junkyard find that was too good to pass up, or perhaps your previous daily driver just needed "a few things" to be road-ready again. Whatever the case, it's now an old junk car that's been sitting in your driveway for far too long. Read More 

Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Junk Cars For Cash

If you have one, or maybe even a couple, of junk cars just lingering around your property and you haven't really done anything with them in the recent past, you might want to consider getting rid of them. There are a lot of good reasons to call an auto-wrecking company to see if they want to give some cash for junk cars. If you are still not sure whether this is something you are ready to do, you will want to read through the following: Read More